52 Instagram Statistics and Facts for 2021


52 Instagram Statistics and Facts for 2021

All the Instagram statistics and facts you need to know for 2021: users, worth, growth, top brands/influencers/posts/hashtags and more.

JayDaYoungan – 23 Island [Official Music Video]

JayDaYoungan – 23 Island
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TikTok #shorts Funny Math Tricks by TikToriki

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The Current State of Social Media and Marques’s Toxic Trait

This week Marques and Andrew dive deep into the new EV tax credit bill and talk about which cars will and won’t benefit from it. Then they talk about the current state of social media and rank their favorite apps before finishing it up by talking about to-do lists and calendar apps. Fair warning: this one gets real nerdy! Hope you enjoy.

00:00 Intro
00:43 EV tax credits in the US
16:09 Trivia question
17:27 Ad break 1
17:30 The State of Social Media
44:10 Trivia question
44:40 Ad break 2
44:44 Calendar/To-Do list apps
56:42 Trivia answers
01:01:23 Conclusion

Rivian EV Tax Credit: https://bit.ly/riviantaxcredit
Kylie Jenner & Instagram: https://bit.ly/Instakylie
Daybridge calendar app: https://bit.ly/daybridgeapp



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Everything You Need To Know About How Instagram Gets Data | NowThis

If you’re an Instagram user concerned about privacy, we have bad news for you.
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You may be scrambling to delete your Facebook after recent date-related news. But just know that Instagram is collecting your data in very similar ways. Many forget that Facebook own Instagram, so that means it uses the exact same technology to analyze your data for targeted ads.

In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many people have been scrambling to delete their accounts — even public icons like Cher, Will Ferrell and Elon Musk have posted about ditching their profiles. But deleting your account does little to protect your data. And they’ll use everything you tap or click on to their advantage. No amount of privatizing your account, making multiple accounts or strategic usage will be able to confuse the algorithms either.

They can also track your data based on your browsing activity. Facebook created an analytics tool called “Facebook Pixel” which is a piece of code that websites outside of Facebook use to track visitors while they browse. That data is then gathered by Facebook and sued to advertisers to users later in their social feeds.

There are several ways to block this tracking like going into Incognito mode. There are also browser extensions, like Firefox’s Facebook Container, that block Facebook from tracking you by automatically deleting your cookies. But, unfortunately, the only surefire way to stop the tracking is to stop using modern technology altogether.

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