7 anti-capitalist films to watch this Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, the day retail stores open their doors to overzealous, sometimes violent masses seeking discounts on electronics and other items. This year Black Friday is particularly gloomy, not only as a question of how these stores are going to enforce security measures in the midst of a pandemic, but also because so many people are struggling financially as the ultra-rich continue to struggle. capitalize on these struggles.

Here is a list of films specially dedicated to Jeff Bezos of the world. Yes, most of them were made by Hollywood studios and are themselves products of capitalism (one was also made in cooperation with a giant for-profit toy company), but the themes here are valid. all worth exploring.

Yesterday we ate turkey. Today we eat the rich.


Song Kang-ho in Parasite

image: Neon / CJ Entertainment

Lots of Bong Joon-ho movies could make this list (Snowdrops and Okja come to mind immediately) but nothing will make you google for guillotine plans like the wealth disparity between the Kim family and the parks.


Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart in Hustlers (2019)

image: STX

These women are exploiting the men whose exploitation of our financial system helped trigger the 2008 economic collapse. They are heroes.

Lego movie

Will Ferrel sticks legos in the Lego movie

image: Warner Bros

The name of the villain is literally Lord (or President) Business.

Modern times

Charlie Chaplin as a factory worker caught in giant gears in modern times

image: United artists

Charlie Chaplin’s character experiences a nervous breakdown from the appalling conditions of his work on a factory assembly line, which includes being physically caught in the cogs of machinery. A metaphor!

There will be blood

Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood

image: primordial

Do you want to feel really mad at capitalist greed and the oil industry? This is the film for you!

Abducted as if by magic

image: Studio Ghibli

Basically, it’s a story about the loss of identity in the face of a capitalist society.

sorry to disturb you

lakeith stanfield tessa thompson

image: Photos of Annapurna

This film is one of the most creative dismantles of capitalism ever made, showing how much people will do, how much of themselves they will give up, to take advantage of these systems, and how much those at the top will do to transform them. as obedient workers.

What are you looking at today?

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