7 New & Ongoing Google Business Profile (GMB) Issues, December 2021


7 New & Ongoing Google Business Profile (GMB) Issues, December 2021

2021 has been a wild ride for businesses using GMB, now called Google Business Profile (GBP). Check out the issues and fixes as of December.

How to Edit Google My Business Profile (UPDATE) #shorts

Google has changed the way you edit Google My Business aka the Google Business Profile
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google business profile suspended | google my business | GMB | Listing | Fix
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BOOST Your Google My Business SEO Ranking By GeoTagging Photos!

Want to rank higher than your local competitors on location-based searches? Today I’m going to show you a simple way to improve your Google My Business ranking by geotagging photos.

1. Upload your photos to GeoImgr.com
2. Retrive your address coordinates from Google Maps
3. Add relevant keywords
4. Upload your photo to your Google My Business Page



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Should You Put Keywords in Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Business Name?

Keywords in the Google Business Profile business name definitely increase local rankings.

It’s the #2 most valuable factor from the Local Search Ranking Factors, and I showed in you my last video just how powerful they can be to increase rankings.

But after I published that last video, a few people asked “So, should I add keywords to my business name?” “Isn’t this against Google’s guidelines?”

So I should have mentioned this in my last video, but I’m mentioning it now. Spammers beware.

You can get your listing suspended by adding keywords to the business name. It is against Google’s guidelines but honestly, anyone that has tried to get a spammy competitor taken down will tell that Google doesn’t really police this much. But still, yes, the risk of suspension exists.

So, what’s an honest business supposed to do when all their competitors are getting the benefits of keyword stuffing?

Well, the best approach is to actually change your business name. I’m talking about a proper rebrand.

– Change the name with the secretary of state
– Call up your phone and utility companies and get the name changed on your records with them
– Update all your citations (use Whitespark!)
– Change the signage at your business
– Change your logo
– Change your brand name all over your website
– Change your business cards, your t-shirts. EVERYTHING!

Because, you can’t get suspended if it’s your actual business name!

We actually helped a client of ours do a full rebrand like this, and take a look what it did for them.
– Prior to making the change, 217 keywords ranking in positions 1 to 3.
– After the change, 520! Wowee!

Doing this full and proper rebrand to get keywords in the business name could honestly mean millions of dollars in additional revenue for your business, or your client’s business.

Of course, you need to decide for yourself if a rebrand makes sense, and you should really think about how this might pan out in the long term.

One: Google could reduce the impact of this factor any day, and you might get stuck with a stupid sounding brand name like “Best Denver Dentist Near Me”

Two: If everyone is using a keyword stuffed name, how does your brand differentiate and stand out?

Alright, I hope that clears things up for you. Go forth and keyword stuff at your own risk.

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