Conservatives “hostile” to business and “flirt with anti-capitalism,” warns former conservative minister

“30 years after sparking a corporate revival that reversed the country’s economic outlook in just seven years (1979-1986), a conservative government facing growing anti-globalization backlash appears to be flirting with anti-capitalism .

“Of course, we have to be stubborn guardians against big catteries, cozy cartel capitalism, scam dealers, money launderers and international criminals who masquerade as businesses or exploit our laws (we don’t are not tough enough), but we still need to promote true entrepreneurship: the fresh, insurgent, empowering, disruptive and transformational kind that is the oil that makes the engine of capitalism roar. ”

Mr Freeman, who is hosting a festival of ideas to reinvigorate the Conservative Party, added that “popular support for business is waning” after Brexit and called on his fellow Conservatives to do more to promote the benefits of good business.

He continues: “The truth is that a whole generation lived through a period when the advantages of capitalism were not evident to them.

“Is it any wonder that the virtues and advantages of capitalism are not apparent to them? Why would you support capitalism if you have no prospect of owning capital? “

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Estelle D. Eden

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