COP26: Climate change activists travel to Glasgow to protest capitalism

Climate change activists sailed on a boat to Glasgow to call for urgent environmental action.

The organizers say their action aims to show that we are all in “the same storm, but we are clearly not in the same boat”.

The demonstration is part of a weekend of events marking the delay of the COP26 summit.

The United Nations climate conference was scheduled to take place in Glasgow this month but has been postponed to November next year due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Activists staged a protest outside the Glasgow Science Center on Friday and greeted the boat as it sailed up the River Clyde after leaving Fairlie in North Ayrshire.

They carried signs with messages such as “The end is near”, “Climate justice, a just transition, the end of indecision”, “Climate struggle = class struggle” and “Capitalism is a cult of the dead “.

The protesters chanted “What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now ”saluting the boat, named Saorsa, which was adorned with a banner reading“ Same storm. Different boats ”.

The event kicked off From The Ground Up: Global Gathering For Climate Justice, a weekend of online events organized by the COP26 Coalition with the aim of providing a platform for activists around the world.

Quan Nguyen, an organizer of From The Ground Up Gathering, said: “We may all be in the same storm, but we are clearly not in the same boat.

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“As we face a multitude of colliding crises – Covid-19, the coming recession, climate degradation, racism, hunger, poverty, massive displacement of populations – this gathering will bring together popular movements that speak the truth to power around the world.

“The COP26 Coalition recognizes that these crises have common roots which see the Earth’s resources exploited for the benefit of the few to the detriment of the many.

“We urge everyone to join us in organizing against these root causes ahead of the UN climate negotiations in Glasgow 2021.”

The National:

Scott Tully of Glasgow calls polluters was among those who demonstrated on Friday.

He said: “There is about a year left before the UN climate talks arrive in Glasgow, one of the most important talks of all time and we are yet to see really meaningful action from the part of the UK government, the host country of this very important event, so we are here to pressure the UK government to say that what has happened so far is not good enough and to be in solidarity with those around the world, especially those on the front lines, who have done little to bring about this crisis. ”

From The Ground Up runs through November 16 with over 50 events, webinars, panels, workshops and roundtables organized in collaboration with hundreds of advocacy groups, charities and social change organizations from around the world.

The National:

Annie Lane, of Glasgow’s Extinction Rebellion University, said: “As the UK government tries to come under a green light with weak action on the climate crisis which continues to endanger those least responsible for these crises, We are taking action to emphasize that the converging Covid crises, climate degradation, unemployment and racism we face need solutions that tackle the root causes. ”

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made up of groups and individuals from across Scotland and the UK.

The UK government has been invited to comment.

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