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In what looks like another desperate attempt to tarnish Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters as anti-Semites, a Labor MP who has previously threatened to quit the party due to his leader’s handling of the crises he is facing has suggested that “To be anti-capitalist is to be anti-Semitic.” Labor MP for Mitcham and Morden Siobhain McDonagh made her bizarre statement in an interview on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

When asked by presenter John Humphrys if she believed the Labor Party took anti-Semitism “properly seriously” McDonagh replied: “I’m not sure some people in the Labor Party can. politics, hard left politics, to be against the capitalists and to see the Jewish people as the financier of capital. Therefore, you are an anti-Jewish people.

Humphrys went on to ask, “In other words, to be anti-capitalist you have to be anti-Semitic?” The deputy replied “Yes”. She then seemed to qualify her comment: “Not everyone, but there is a certain… there is a certain component. These people are not Labor, have never been Labor, but we now find them in our party.

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McDonagh had threatened to resign and join the Independent Group if Corbyn did not act to reassure MPs. Members of this group accuse Labor of “institutional racism”.

The party strongly rejected the claim that it is only anti-Semitic, explaining that with nearly 600,000 members it is the largest political party in Europe and therefore is required to reflect the level of anti-Semitism found in society in general. Party officials also point out that an internal investigation revealed that only a dozen members are known to have made anti-Semitic remarks for which they were all expelled.

The endorsement of the idea that being anti-capitalist is also anti-Semitic by one of Corbyn’s critics is likely to be seen by his supporters as yet another desperate insult intended to undermine his leadership. They have repeatedly argued that “arming” anti-Semitism undermines efforts to counter the very real and dangerous threats against Jews, especially on the part of those on the right wing of politics, who allegedly was the main source of attacks on Jews. and Jewish institutions.

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