Cozy Grove is the anti-capitalist successor of Animal Crossing

It was a little over a year ago, at the very beginning of the global pandemic that we are all still experiencing, that our collective obsession with Animal Crossing: New Horizons consumed us. It was exactly what we needed: a calming game that filled our days with constantly manageable tasks, that was as mundane or as intensely creative as we had chosen to make, and that even gave us the opportunity to visit and visit. to collaborate with friends.

One year later, Cozy grove feels like the natural spiritual successor to ACNH, depending on where we are now versus where we all were then. As the title suggests, this game is actually very comfortable. But rather than animal visitors seeking to take root, this island is populated by a number of friendly ghost bears (and a pinch of other ghost animals) who need your help remembering who they are. were in life.

You are a helpful spiritual scout and you have a variety of tasks to complete on your haunted and ever-changing island every day. Some are handy, like gathering supplies or helping a drinking gull ship captain’s ghost relieve a hangover. But you also have to help these bears find memories of their lives.

With each success, the Gray Ghost and its habitat are filled with color. Over the course of a day, with each task completed and memory reclaimed, you turn a gray island into a colorful landscape and bring a bit of a bite to the bears. And every morning the color was drained and the island and you start over.

If you can’t tell, there’s a faint stream of sadness running through this game. The humor has a little side to it too, which makes sense considering it was co-written by the brilliant game’s creator. anti-billionaire. You are Jeff Bezos. Take the friendly ghost of the postman who reminds you of the importance of making friends. “What if you get sick and have to pay for your appendectomy ?! Friendship = Survival ”, we advise you. “Especially if you want to survive advanced capitalism.”

Honestly, after a year of never winning big at the Stalk Market and trying to pay off my debts to Tom Nook, I love my cozy little retirement on a socialist island.

Really my only problem with the game is that there is often not enough to play. This is on purpose as the game is designed to be played in fairly short chunks of approximately twenty minutes to an hour per day. You only have a limited number of tasks to collect and complete in a day (which, like ACNH, happening in real time) and after that you can mine materials or fish or rearrange your campsite but in the end you have to listen to the advice of the ghost bears, who repeatedly tell you to be patient. They are right, of course, as ghost bears are always right. It’s good to take things slowly.

To developer Spry Fox’s credit, I had other issues with the game. But the little studio has been incredibly attentive to player feedback over the past few weeks of the game going live. They’re constantly updating, fix issues and improve gameplay in modest but extremely impactful ways.

Cozy grove is only $ 15 and is available on a number of platforms (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games Store, Apple Arcade) so go ahead and indulge yourself. You deserve a little comfort and a lot of ghost friends.

(image: Vivid fox)

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