For young German activists, climate justice means more than reaching net zero

“Many of us, Fridays for Future activists, are privileged, it’s true,” admits Fabia Klein. Creating an inclusive movement is a process, she adds. “We cannot change it from today to tomorrow, but it is important to work on it and think about where the problem comes from,” she said, adding that collaborations allow different activist groups to learn. one another. Klein is not afraid that the movement’s expansion will distract attention from the climate crisis. In fact, she says, for Fridays for Future, creating justice and equality for everyone “is the goal.”

“The climate issue is a social issue, it has to do with colonialism, racism, patriarchal gender relations and class relations”, underlines Professor Markus Wissen. “Depending on how you combine these issues into your activism, you won’t run the risk of losing your focus, but you can actually refine it,” he adds. Understand exactly how these links to the climate crisis can strengthen the group’s activism and help them “get a clearer picture of the nature of the climate crisis and come up with better strategies to deal with it”.

On June 18, Fridays for Future will host a Day of Action with protests across the country, joined by #Unteilbar and Ver.di. As the Sept. 26 federal election looms, the group has more collaborations in the works, though Klein can’t reveal which ones yet. “It is important to show that we are not just one organization,” she emphasizes. “There are a lot of people who want a better future. “

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Estelle D. Eden

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