Google Experiences Rare, Widespread Outage


Google Experiences Rare, Widespread Outage

Google experienced a rare, widespread outage on August 9. The cause of the outage is currently unknown.

Power Outage At Menards – ComEd

Menards lost power this morning but you can see the customers are still walking into the store.

Grand Juror in Trump Case Criticized for Media Tour; DOJ Wants Sanctions on Google | NTD News Today

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00:00 NTD News Today—2/24/2023
01:41 Microsoft Criticizes EU’s AI Regulation Ideas
06:09 DOJ Seeks Court Sanctions Against Google
06:42 Pentagon Investigates Internal Email Leak
07:12 Schools Cyberattacks on the Rise
07:32 Crypto Mining Activity Detected in MA School
10:10 Head of Grand Jury Investigating Trump Criticized for Media Tour
12:05 Study: Natural Immunity Better than COVID Vax
13:45 NTSB: Train Crash Tied to Overheated Bearing
16:20 Winter Storm Knocks Out Power, Leaves 1 Dead
18:21 Michigan: Ice Storm Freezes Flag Midair
19:25 Judge Orders Trump, FBI Director Wray Deposed
20:14 Judge: No Proof Against Sidney Powell
20:41 Rep. Porter Allegedly Misused Taxpayer Funds
21:45 Marianne Williamson Running for President
22:14 RNC Chooses Milwaukee for 1st GOP Debate
22:47 Rancher Accused of Shooting Mexican National
24:33 Court Blocks West Virginia Trans Sports Law
25:32 Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 16 More Years
26:54 JPMorgan Prompted About Epstein Connection
27:54 FAA: Boeing Temporarily Halts 787 Deliveries
28:25 2 Million Air Fryers Recalled over Fire Risk
30:47 Lawmakers Call for Probe on Biden Appointee over Alleged Ties to Beijing Influence Operation
35:33 Canada: Bank Founders Suspected of China Ties
36:35 EU Commission to Ban TikTok on Staff Phones
37:36 European Rights Court: Russian Ban on Falun Gong Materials Is Illegal
40:44 N. Korean Prisoners Escape over Food Shortage
41:05 Ukraine Vows to Fight amid War Anniversary
42:35 WH Announces New Sanctions Against Russia
43:43 Putin Runs Army Like ‘Meat Grinder’: Wallace
45:37 Italy: Code of Conduct for Migrant Aid Ships
48:18 Mosaic Restoration Uses Special Scaffolding
50:38 Research Suggests Dogs Recognize Intentions
52:21 3,500-Year-Old Siberian Bear Dissected
53:05 Baby Pygmy Hippo Petunia Playfully Swims
53:59 Quick and Natural Ways to Boost Energy
55:53 Sleep Aids Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

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Grand Juror in Trump Case Criticized for Media Tour; DOJ Wants Sanctions on Google | NTD News Today

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The President of Palau | Network State Podcast with Balaji #3

The President of Palau and Balaji discuss how the tiny island country is becoming a digital leader, experimenting with everything from on-chain identity to drone delivery.

Despite having less than 20,000 citizens, Palau is a full UN member state. Its path to diplomatic recognition holds many lessons for aspiring founders of new communities. Joining Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. in this chat is William Wang, founder of, the Palaun government’s crypto identity partner.

0:00 – Intro
2:03 – The Republic of Palau
6:18 – Palau’s path to sovereignty
8:35 – How Palau is using crypto
10:40 – The President’s background
16:51 – Returning to Palau
18:42 – What is
25:08 – How the Palau government works
27:23 – Partnerships in Palau
34:15 – Diplomatic relations
36:29 – How small countries punch above their weight
42:00 – Tech policy in Palau
45:04 – How Palau became a sovereign country
48:59 – Outro

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Editing: @DholakiaJaydeep
Images: @elijah10t


Boy uses umbrella to prevent elevator door from closing, causes free fall

For more:

A #boy put his umbrella’s handle between #elevator doors to prevent it from closing in Fuzhou City, east China’s Jiangxi Province. But suddenly the elevator closed and went into free fall while breaking the umbrella handle. The lift stopped at the 25th floor, holding the boy captive. Fortunately, the rescue team arrived in time and saved the boy.  

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