How To Do Content Curation For SEO: Your Starter Guide


How To Do Content Curation For SEO: Your Starter Guide

Do you need new content types to publish? Learn how to utilize the best content from around the web as inspiration.

Content creation and curation for websites

A workshop with Adrian Drayton at e-Formation 2016. More info at

The slides in this session are available at Review – Content Curation Smart Pages Demo, Pros & Cons

In this video we will look at review, which is content curation platform to build card based smart list pages.
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00:00 Introduction
01:09 lifetime deal
01:40 Smartlist examples & use cases
05:20 Create a smart list
07:50 Customizing smart list (Permalink, Title, Description, Cover image, Color & Media Link)
09:02 How to arrange cards in the smart list
10:03 Filtering and categories
11:15 CTA footer with button & email collection
12:23 Default styling & customization for smart list
13:17 Public, private & collaborate smart list
15:21 Save, Follow smart list, Share to social media & Clone smart list
16:39 Smartlists are do-follow SEO Backlinks
17:34 Create highlighted card in smart list
18:47 Smartlist visitor analytics
19:31 dashboard overview & RSS
20:41 Setup tracking code for Google, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter
21:00 Earn money through smart list through Skimlinks
21:48 Setup smart pages on your domain
22:12 Setup and customize profile settings
22:47 Add custom CSS and Javascript to smart list
23:28 Embed smart lists to your webpages
25:28 FYI chrome extension
25:56 Combine cards in FYI
26:53 FYI integrations and supported services
27:41 FYI API
28:14 FYI members community
28:43 Conclusion

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Chrome extension:

Integrations list: API:

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DESCRIPTION: is a content curation and publishing platform that combines amazing features to create content card based smart pages.

If you’re new to, we’ll give you a breakdown of the Lifetime Deal including what it includes and what it doesn’t, how the deal works, the costs involved, and an overall rating for this offer.

Content curation is very easy with

FYI helps to create bio landing pages for social media profiles where you can blog, pin articles, create bundles optimized web resources.

You can also customize these pages to a certain extent by changing colors, images, title and more.

In this video everything you need to know about

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How to master the art of content curation

Join our expert panel from the Festival of Work in London.

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