‘Raves aren’t anti-foreclosure, they’re anti-capitalism,’ says teen fined for Yate rave

“I have had so many of my friends seriously ill from the modern way of life – raves are a way to respect them”

A Bristol teenager who attended last year’s illegal Halloween rave in Yate told reporters outside Bristol Magistrates’ Court “the raves are not anti-foreclosure, they are anti-capitalism”.

George Parsons, 18, was appearing in court as one of five men indicted for the warehouse rave which took place on the eve of Boris Johnson’s announcement of a new nationwide lockdown.

Outside the courtroom, Parsons told reporters, “I’m a nice person,” before explaining, “Raves aren’t anti-foreclosure, they’re anti-capitalism. Fear will control. People are affected by the modern way of life whether or not there are raves ”.

Asked about the impact of attending the rave and the threat of someone falling seriously ill from the spread of the virus at the event, Parsons replied, “I have had so many of my seriously ill friends at through the modern way of life. Raves are a way to respect them ”.

Rave culture has long been associated with anti-capitalism and opposition to hegemonic power, but Parson’s comments and the actions of others attending illegal raves throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have tarnished the reputation raves as legitimate political events.

Speaking in June, two free party groups denounced those attending raves during the pandemic: “Free parties are about defying bad laws … however, lockdown is not a ‘bad law’ – it is not. is not even really a law “

“It is the working class that has done its best to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable, and the free parties – as a cultural movement of the working class – will absolutely hold the line as well. “

District Judge Lynne Matthews delivered her own description of the self-proclaimed ‘nice person’ Parsons, along with the other defendants, in her conviction: “Your desire for freedom risked others losing theirs for a longer period of time. It was a risk you were prepared to take for your own brief, selfish satisfaction ”.

With his strong accent and militant outfit curated by Depop, Parsons was widely mocked for his comments. Comedian Josh Berry was quick to poke fun at the Parsons account, his video titled “Bristol Raver: The RAVEolution” has already been viewed over 11,000 times.

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