She is a teacher and a socialist who slams Amazon. Meet the anti-capitalist candidate Va. House who wants to transfer power to the working class. | State and regional news

The district, which is primarily located in Arlington but includes part of Fairfax County, has some of the poorest areas on the Capital Beltway. Many languages ​​are spoken in this diverse region, especially the western part of the district, which is home to immigrants from African, Asian and Arab communities.

Mehta said it was difficult for people to keep their businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic and impossible for much of the working class to start a business. The paycheck protection program, the federal money available to help small businesses during the pandemic, has not helped the right people, she said.

“I’ve spoken to dozens of small business owners who haven’t received a dime of that P3 money when these companies in our district, at least the franchises, were able to apply and successfully receive that money. government, “she said.

And then there’s Amazon, the tech giant run by one of the world’s richest men, Jeff Bezos, and on watch for possible antitrust violations.

“Almost a billion dollars has been spent subsidizing this development as so many small businesses have been forced to shut down during the pandemic,” she said.

Lopez has said he’s worried about how Amazon’s expansion might affect housing, and he’s not taking campaign money from Amazon, a prolific donor to Virginia lawmakers. But he said, “Bringing more businesses and creating more jobs to Virginia is a good thing.

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