The “Justice for J6” trapping rally was a failure

If the Biden administration relied on using the theater of insurgency to distract from a series of truly epic failures in recent weeks, its officials must be disappointed.

The ‘Justice for J6’ rally on Saturday brought together more police and journalists than protesters, as a few hundred demonstrators gathered near the Capitol to show their support for the January 6 protesters who were jailed and face various charges.

A strong police presence – officers in riot gear, plainclothes police, police on bicycles and on horseback – awaited the crowd. There were also counter-protesters, who carried homemade signs – one reading loser that referred to Donald Trump, his carrier said – and “Black Lives Matter” flags. A small group stood on a street corner, shouting the song ‘FTD (F *** Donald Trump).’

Police broke up by shouting matches between the two groups, driving people away before fighting broke out. There have been no reports of violence amid fears the day could turn into another insurgency. A man armed with a knife was arrested for weapons violation.

… Nearly 700 people were expected at the rally. Instead, there appeared to be a few hundred people.

Police at the United States Capitol Building said there were “about 400 to 450 people inside the protest zone today (excluding law enforcement).” But they did not specify how many of them were present for the rally, how many were members of the media and how many were counter-protesters.

Perhaps the greatest threat to public peace was the counter-demonstrators.

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said on Friday the main concern was not violence at the rally itself, but the potential for violent clashes between protesters and counter-protesters.

OMCP’s Alejandro Alvarez said he saw counter-protesters mingle with rally fans, but “I didn’t see [them] attempt to disrupt the event. He added that “Some debates have erupted, others quite heated. But personally, I have not seen any direct confrontation “between a combination of protesters, counter-protesters and the police.

Duffy reported from Capitol Hill on Saturday that there had been “a brief interaction between the counter-protesters and those leaving the rally heading north from here, but they broke that down pretty quickly.”

There are several media takes that are hilarious. For starters, most Trump supporters and independent conservatives understood that this rally had the potential to be trapped by “infiltrators” of federal agents. Therefore, those of us who read “alternative media” expected very small crowds, but according to mainstream media, “Justice for J6” rally draws fewer people than expected at the United States Capitol.

The disappointment of journalists is palpable.

Citizens filming the event noted that it looked like Capitol Police might be done. arrest an undercover agent.

The man showed a badge which prompted Capitol Hill police to ask him if he was “undercover”. The man shook his head “no” and was asked if he was part of the event, to which he replied “I’m right here”.

I don’t know how they found out he had a gun or why he was searched. But I guess someone in the crowd criticized him because they suspect the crowd is littered with undercover officers. The fact that this is the first question posed by the Capitol Police tells me that they are well aware of the officers present.

It was out of the question for him to say “yes, I’m undercover” with people and members of the media listening to him.

The social media takes were hilarious.

I have to say this is the most fun I’ve had on a rally that I haven’t been to.

I can’t wait to see what next week brings to the Biden administration, as “Insurgency 2.0” was clearly a failure.


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