The problem is capitalism, not jobs or globalization (point of view)

By John R. Withee

President Barack Obama has a plan to give the 28 million unemployed Americans something to do.

If they’re still there and don’t work, doesn’t that mean everything is being done?

After World War II, manufacturing jobs were gradually replaced by machines. Everyone has moved on to the service sector. Now ATMs, ATMs, and machines that answer and redirect phone calls even accept service jobs.

I’ll start at the beginning.

For most of humanity’s existence, “hobbies” have provided for all of our needs: hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, carpentry, and collective thinking.

Today we cannot grow food because corporations own the land; we can’t cook because we work long hours in these companies, so we buy fast food from companies: the height of civilization.

Working does not create money, it redistributes it. The objective of the employment plan is a more equitable distribution of resources.

Instead of going straight to the point, we need to find a job in the traditional industry that does not produce anything (waitress, advertising, telemarketing). It has become the only way to support ourselves in the land of the free.

Privatization has made the basic means of survival and development impossible; capitalism has affected virtually every aspect of life. Choosing to live without money is fundamentally illegal.

The economy and private property exist only in our imagination. After the economic collapses, people, buildings, farms, factories and resources are still there. We can provide for all of our needs and more if we do it right.

I’m not saying we should or even could go back to more primitive lifestyles if we wanted to. I’m saying we’re going to have to find a better way to get along, work together and live. Job creation is not the answer, this country already has more stuff than we know what to do with.

There is a farm in Michigan where you can work for no money, a warm bed, regular meals, and the camaraderie of nice people. This lifestyle is one of hundreds of ways to be safe from the looming economic crisis while having a division of labor.

People refuse to work for employers in Greece. They dismantle the governments in Libya and Egypt. Thousands of people have occupied Wall Street for weeks. A member of the international hacker group Anonymous uses social media to organize the #occupykalamzoo operation. Anti-globalization? Please. It is anti-capitalism. Let’s say what it is.

I am not a socialist, moderate or libertarian. I am not my job, my money, my reputation, my accomplishments or my social security card. I am a human being. Am i alone I do not think so. CBS News reports that 22% of Americans are happy with their lives and 45% with their jobs.

And 14% of Americans approve of Congress. If it’s democracy, the Detroit Lions will win this year’s Superbowl.

To get involved, get a group of friends together and find your own ways of doing things. You alone can be the change you want to see in the world.

For a radical revolutionary’s ideas on economic reform, visit 2 Corinthians 8: 13-15.

John R. Withee resides in Kalamazoo.

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