Verizon’s “justice” program reportedly goes out of its way, says white “oppressors” must seek “lifelong” atonement

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One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies has fully awakened and is now reportedly indoctrinating its employees with radical left-wing dogma rooted in critical race theory.

Internal documents obtained by anti-CRT researcher Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute show that Verizon specifically pushed anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-white and anti-police propaganda on its employees.

According to Rufo, it started last year when the telecommunications giant launched a “Racial and Social Justice” initiative by establishing a genuine “re-education program” (or camp) to indoctrinate employees into CRT principles.

Like CRT initiatives implemented by other US companies, Verizon’s initiative is divided into training modules, starting with the usual introductory module – called the “Conscious Inclusion and Anti-Racism” module in the case of Verizon – in which employees must confess their alleged privileges. .

“Employees are encouraged to list their ‘race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, religion, education, occupation and sexual orientation’ on an official company worksheet,” Rufo said in a statement. report published Wednesday.

Employees are then asked to rank primarily according to the “intersectional” hierarchy. “Intersectionality” is a fundamental principle of the CRT which ranks people in a hierarchy based on their race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.

CRT fanatics claim that whites, Asians, Christians, heterosexuals, etc., are at the top of the hierarchy because of their so-called “privilege”. Yet these are the people at the bottom of the hierarchy – blacks, gays, etc. – who seem to benefit from the most privileges and advantages such as affirmative action.

For example, Verizon’s “awakened” training requires people at the top of the hierarchy to engage in a “lifelong process” of seeking “accountability with marginalized individuals”.

In other words, they – the so-called “oppressors” – have to spend the rest of their lives kissing the buttocks of the so-called “oppressed”.

Another mod cited by Rufo includes a video of Ramcess Jean-Louis, then Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Verizon (he would now work at Pfizer) explaining to employees how black people would be abused in America. .

“As a black man in [America], we are considered less than. We are considered inferior. We are considered that our life is not as valuable as anyone else, ”he said in the video in total contradiction to reality.

He reportedly added that the so-called “militarized white privilege” causes grave “danger” to blacks: “If we are not seen as humans, if we are not seen as whole people with souls, these things happen and they will continue to happen.

It is not clear what “these things” refer to. All American companies serving the interests of racial radicals? Every company singing the tune of Black Lives Matter?

In the case of Verizon, radicalism goes all the way to the top. Rufo pointed to another mod containing a video of the company’s vice president David Hubbard interviewing Khalil Muhammad, the great-grandson of Elijah Muhammad.

Elijah Muhammad is the now deceased religious leader who led the anti-white and anti-Semitic hate group Nation of Islam from 1934 to 1975.

During his presentation, titled American History 101, Muhammad argued that America is fundamentally racist and in need of a ‘new origin story’, replacing the narrative of ‘American exceptionalism’ with the narrative that America was founded on “systems of racism” which remain at the root of our society, “according to Rufo.

Muhammad also espoused anti-capitalist rhetoric by claiming that corporations “exploit the poor in low-income communities” just like slave owners.

” It’s not only Marxist talking points. It’s just the fact, ”he reportedly said.

Notice the use of the word “just”. He basically admitted that what he said – what he was PAID BY VERIZON to say – was indeed a subject of Marxist discussion. It’s just that, according to him, it was a factual Marxist talking point (Fact-check: FALSE).

He also allegedly disparaged the police by describing them as the perpetrators of so-called “systemic racism” (which is not real).

Another far-left activist hosted by Verizon, Adrian Burrell, told company employees the police should be reimbursed.

“I have the impression that these same resources are intended for hiring [police officers] with racist biases… must aim to bring more resources to the community at the root level, and then you just won’t need that many police officers, ”she reportedly said.

“If you want to call it ‘abolish the police’, or if you want to call it ‘fund the police’, so be it,” she added.

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